Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Visiting Tofte & Schroeder & Rumble Strips

Greetings from Stan Tull at Murmur Creek Observatory. I am running for County Commissioner representing the West End Commissioner District 5. 

My first week as a candidate!

I attended 4 civic functions last week, here are the highlights:

   Bi-Monthly Joint Meeting of the Tofte Town Board.  This regular meeting includes the Tofte Town Board, the Birch Grove Foundation and Birch Grove Community School. Discussion included the Tofte Senior Housing Project; the annual 4th of July celebration; landscaping the tennis courts with 1% money and reports from the Birch Grove Foundation and Birch Grove School. I was very impressed with how well this meeting is run. They pay attention to their agenda, encourage appropriate discussion and it serves as a great springboard to the Tofte Town Board Meeting.

  Cook County Commissioner Regular Meeting.  This meeting’s agenda was relatively light with discussion that ranged from high speed internet connections to rumble strips on the Gunflint Trail. Public hearings are scheduled to discuss the rumble strips on the trail and street lighting on Highway 7. Attend a hearing and make your views heard on either July 14th in the evening or July 15 at the regular commissioner meeting. 
              Sounds like the budget process is changing, stand by for more information.

  Tofte Town Board Meeting:   Shocked to find a standing room only crowd! David Betts and Russell Klegstad from the highway department discussed the counties 5 year road plan, senior housing progress is being made, the 4th of July insurance was approved and Birch Grove lease discussed as well as a discus. There will be a USFS chain saw class date to be announced. And there was a request to put a swing set in the park. Long passionate but productive meeting.

  Schroeder Area Historical Society Annual Meeting:  Enjoyed a delicious meal featuring Manoomin Mizise Gizhizo Onnaagan, Wiishkobi Opin, Biisiboojigan Gakewezhigan, Zhiiwibag Miinan Onzaamaakide and Makade-Mashkikwaaboo.  After conducting the business portion of the meeting, Billy Blackwell presented an interesting narrative of the area’s history.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Running for County Commissioner

It's official, I have thrown my hat in the ring for Cook County Commissioner District 5! After four years of being an observer at County Board meetings I believe I have what it takes to make a difference.

I care deeply about our county,  the people and the land. I have the time and desire to serve and believe that my commitment to fairness should serve Cook County well.

I look forward to meeting all the people in District 5 and welcome questions from everyone in the county, either here, by email, a phone call, or we can meet in person. I will drive to meet you.  We all count.

I also welcome the opportunity to talk with individuals or groups.
Stanley Tull or 612-202-3789 or find me at the county board meetings!